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Valentine’s Day (w beer)

Happy Valentine’s Day from Ronnie, Simone, Adam, and our guest for this episode, Mr. Stout!

This episode talks about the beauty of beer; its great food pair-ability, how to drink it to maximize enjoyment and decrease bloat, and some recommendations for your romantic evening(s). We also do a bit of a dive into the relationship stuff, including a relationship “hack” and how big the ‘little’ things are.

Wishing you all so much love!


Beers from this episode:


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Talking to Strangers

This episode we tackle the fun subject of talking to strangers; from small talk, to extricating yourself gracefully from a conversation you no longer want to be in.

Mentioned in this episode: the legendary Back Hand of God, from Crannog Ales.

And we’d love to hear your relationship questions and stories for the Valentine’s Day Episode! Shoot us a message on Instagram (@ronnieandsimone) or email us at!


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It’s a new year which means a new you! … right? Not quite.

This episode we explore intention setting with our dear friend and guest Diamond Blanchette (9:24). What is the difference between intentions versus goals? How do you get started on intention setting? Why does Simone pee herself a little? Have a listen and find out! With a recap featuring Adam from the Booth at 29:24.

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We’d love to hear your thoughts and intentions! Share them with us using hashtag #RSAIntentions.

Want to read a little bit more on intention setting? Here are a couple of articles we like:

More resources from today’s episode:


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36 Questions

Who the heck are we? In this episode, we dig a little deep, answering some of the New York Times’ ’36 Questions That Lead to Love’, including our ideal dinner guest, personal phone etiquette (with a millennial rant), and how we feel about living forever.

Consider yourselves warned; you may just fall in love with us!

36 Questions:


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The inaugural podcast of ‘Ronnie and Simone Talk to People and Learn Things’ is all about this special time of year, Christmas. We debate turkey vs ham, Christmas light colours, and talk about our favourite Christmas films.

Featuring Adam from the Booth, and our episode guest, Isabel, who brings her Mexican and Swedish backgrounds to the mix.