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Friends Forever

Today we’re talking about friendships. They can be some of the most important, life-saving and meaningful relationships we have. Friends provide us with great memories, crazy adventures and many times they’re there to help pick up the pieces of some emotional turmoil and put us back together. They are the people with whom we choose to spend our time with. Some are in our lives for short periods of time, while others weave in and out, like no time has passed. And still others are there with you everyday battling it out in the trenches until you are two old ladies wandering the mall.

So, what makes a successful friendship? Who are the people that will remain with us over decades versus those that may be here for the good time and not a long time? Is one any less valuable than the other? Can friendships between opposite genders exist? Can we be friends with our exes?

To talk with us today about finding your tribe is Sandy Chen. Sandy has moved around a lot and that has provided many opportunities to make new friends over the years. We’ll get into that and the many different tribes she’s made herself a part.

**Bonus: A drinking game. Take a swig every time Ronnie says “deep” or “meaningful” and take a double swig when she uses them together!

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